Some Information about the man who will make repairs to your vehicle

Welcome to MARS Mechanics, Incase you didn't realise, MARS stands for Mobile, Auto, Repairs & Servicing. 


 My name is Jason Smith, I am the proprietor of MARS. I am a local  man born and bred, I know this area well!


  Here i will give you some insight into my career and why you should feel rest assured that your vehicle is safe in my very capable hands.


I have now been working in the Motortrade for over twenty years and have seen the vehicles evolve and how the mechanics role has changed through the years due to the development of Microchips and computer programming, in a 1980's vehicle the engine had one main computer, now there are many; controlling many systems all over the vehicle.

 However beneath all the plastics, wiring, and extra computers, vehicles still use the same components that have been in use for over a hundred years on our motor vehicles. The main differences are extra components fitted  due to emmssion related legislation brought in year after year.


I began work in 1992, learning the craft of panel beating and paint spraying vehicles, after around nine months i was offered a trainee apprentership with Vauxhall of which i jumped to the chance. My panel beating days were over, however the skills i learnt there i still use to this day.

I completed my Vauxhall apprentership after three years and became a qualified car mechanic in 1996 and continued working for the vauxhall main dealer until 1998.

 i then proceeded to work for, Holden, Nissan, Mazda and Daihatsu while on a work Visa in Australia. After returning from my travels i got my first job in a back street garage, where the real learning curve begins as compared to working in a Dealer franchise where vehicles are in much better overall condition.


So by 2001 i had worked on many makes and models of vehicles, new and old.

 I decided i had enough work experience so went to University to improve my knowledge.


I completed and passed a HND in Automotive engineering in 2003, where i learnt many skills including vehicle diagnostics, Tuning engines and suspension systems to name a few.


After leaving university i found myself a job of being an Engineering tutor, i became a qualified NVQ assessor and taught many candidates in Mechanics and engineering for a few years. By the end of 2009 i felt vehicles had changed due to the common rail diesel era, so i returned to mechanics to update myself, hands on with the  progress vehicles had made.


 I have spent the last three and half years in the garage repairing and maintaining all makes and models of the most modern vehicles on the road, and i am now sure i must be one of the most multi skilled mechanics in this area!


 The only natural progression for my career is to now run my own business,


So welcome to MARS Mechanics, I look forward to hearing from you.


I have now been running my business for over three years, please book in advance to avoid dissipointment


Many Thanks

Jason Smith