Listed below are the services currently being provided by MARS mechanics


     Repairs and servicing


This service will maintain your vehicle to its manufacturer's specifications.

Please check out the Maintenence page of this site for further info!

Carrying out a full inspection of your vehicle, changing all fluids and filters where necessary and advising which components require attention, repair or replacement.

Service lights can be reset after completing the required service and your service book stamped.




     MOT Preparation


 This service will carry out a pre MOT checkover, advising the customer of the vehicles's condition and what repairs are required to acquire a new MOT certificate.

MOT repairs can then be carried out and the vehicle be tested at a VOSA MOT testing station of your choice

or we can arrange to get the vehicle tested for your convenience.



Using the latest touch screen vehicle scanner technology, we have access to your car's computers (ECU's) to access and assess each electronic system and advise on any fault codes present or systems not operating correctly due to other mechanical or electrical faults.


Do you have a light illuminated on the dash?  all systems can be checked and repaired in order for the light to be extinguished using the scanner.


     Vehicle Restoration


Do you own a vintage, classic, race, project or modified vehicle that is in need  of attention ?

You may not have the time,  skills, or equipment to get your prize vehicle back into operation,

well look no further, we can come to your home  to get that vehicle back on the road or track!




Corrosion of the steel structures on our UK vehicles is a common problem on older vehicles, we can provide a MIG welding and fabrication service where replacement panels can be bought or fabricated and then welded back into your vehicle's structure.